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In image engineering, the relationship between the image and achievement of the potential sale is shown in the figure. In this way, the most fundamental corporate image is cognition; Cognitive and performance are related to the fundamental link, has been favored by people from all walks of life pay attention to query, cognition is the contact person know the meaning of the so-called, is know the origin of affairs, is also the beginning of activities; Therefore, the determination of cognition is the beginning of enterprise image query. The content of cognition is the image of the cognition, also the evaluation; About the anatomy of the cognition, can the tendency of 2 class of share out bonus is bigger, the first is to the enterprise, is to must be in accordance with the criterion and supportive of pride or assessment, and the other who is qualitative, not supportive of pride or evaluation. The part that can be useful in business affairs is a certain and supportive feeling or assessment, so it can be viewed as a useful image.

Series in the practice of cosmetics packaging use, there are generally two kinds of conditions, one is: the same brand, the different functions of the whole series of cosmetics packaging, so as to facilitate consumers to buy, buy alone together and make the price lower than the total price. A series of cosmetics, such as a brand to keep the style of all planning, and then use a larger container, to assemble all kinds of cosmetic packaging, sold as a unit to sell; The second is: the same brand, the same main function, but different adjuvant function of a series of cosmetics, perhaps the same brand, the same function, but different formulation of a series of cosmetics, in the packaging of seriation involved when planning. Such as a brand of moisturizer, its main function is to protect skin, but for different function, and such as a variety of cleanser of a brand, its function is cleansing, but make the recipe. As for this series of cosmetics, in the packaging planning, the characteristics of serialized packaging planning should be consistent with the effect of the series packaging and the selection of consumers. Specific information: series is used in the practice of cosmetic packaging

If anatomy will be supporting the lofty sentiments and, two concepts can be obtained, one is the contact person, the goal for the people is the look and feel of the feel good, can with the lofty sentiments of the rational mood to evaluate, the other is connection to the target to rational, acceptance and support of physiology sex, together with the lofty sentiments of the assimilation or assessment. The former is called the trust, the latter is the goodwill, the second part is a useful effect on companies, as well as cognitive, and results in the of all kinds enterprise correlation is very close to the image of the shaft. Therefore, it can be referred to as the fundamental image. However, trust and affection are derived from the degree of cognition, and it is obvious that cognition is a priority. The occurrence and purchase of the sale will depend on the degree of trust and liking; In society, no one wants to buy a product that they can't trust, and no one chooses something they don't like.




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